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Bitcoin Radio is a branch of the Reimagine 2020 media platform, and it is powered by Mousebelt Blockchain Accelerator and - a margin first cryptocurrency exchange. By bringing together both high and low level conversations with industry partners and onboarded students from top university blockchain clubs all over the globe, Bitcoin Radio puts emphasis on educating not only those that are already within the crypto-sphere about new and innovative projects, but also on educating those who are not readily familiar with bitcoin and the potential of blockchain. Tune in to get the many perspectives on how this revolutionary technology is changing the world of finance, communication, and social governance in the age of the internet.

Feb 15, 2021

Jason Lau , COO at OKCoin, sits down with Roshan Mirajkar from REIMAGINE 2020 to talk about the role of exchanges, DeFi, and OKCoin’s focus on Developer Grants and supporting Bitcoin Core's development. Jason Lau is ever focused on working with local and global jurisdictions to comply with new crypto regulations in...

Feb 12, 2021

Xavier Meegan, Blockchain Intern at ING, sits down with Yonah Hochhauser from REIMAGINE 2020 to talk about the 12 non-financial DeFi risks on Ethereum.

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Feb 4, 2021

Evan Kuo, Co-Founder at Ampleforth, sits down with Yonah Hochhauser from REIMAGINE 2020 to talk about elastic commodities, Monetarism, & the crucial role that AMPL will play in the future of the world economy.

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Jan 7, 2021

Reimagine 2020 host, Tyler Olsson, sits down with Ethereum Classic Labs CEO, Terry Culver, to discuss what's happening in the ETC development world after some recent spooky 51% attacks, the new security feature, MESS which is helping to prevent further such attacks, and the DeFi horizon for ethereum classic.


Jan 6, 2021

Web3 Technical Educator Bruno Skvorc joins MouseBelts Adam Leon to discuss Kusamas hacker culture, polkadots existence and the purpose of pushing innovation to its limits within these networks.

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