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Bitcoin Radio is a branch of the Reimagine 2020 media platform, and it is powered by Mousebelt Blockchain Accelerator and - a margin first cryptocurrency exchange. By bringing together both high and low level conversations with industry partners and onboarded students from top university blockchain clubs all over the globe, Bitcoin Radio puts emphasis on educating not only those that are already within the crypto-sphere about new and innovative projects, but also on educating those who are not readily familiar with bitcoin and the potential of blockchain. Tune in to get the many perspectives on how this revolutionary technology is changing the world of finance, communication, and social governance in the age of the internet.

Jan 17, 2020

Joe Blackburn is back this episode, getting a little political for a change! Joe is joined by Ryan Tanaka of YIMBY (Yes, In My Back Yard) Arts to discuss all things Crypto and Andrew Yang. Ryan discusses how through following housing politics he found out about Andrew Yang and got involved unofficially with Yang Gang, and how there is a desperation for people in the crypto space to find support or knowledge of crypto in general.